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Scott's Law Violations Attorney by Kuchinski Law Group

The Illinois State Police states that while defending citizens of Illinois, law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency response professionals, and highway workers face situations every day that put their lives in danger.

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Scott Law Explained

Scott's Law, often referred to as the Move Over Law, was created in honor of Chicago Fire Department Lieutenant Scott Gillen, who was murdered in 2000 after being hit by a drunk driver while assisting with a collision on the Dan Ryan Expressway. Drivers who cause accidents or injure members of the public safety or emergency personnel at roadside disaster scenes will face penalties. All vehicles with spinning, flashing, or oscillating lights—including those used for highway maintenance—are subject to Scott's Law.

Scott Law covers not just police, fire, and ambulance vehicles; it also covers tow trucks, construction vehicles, and municipal vehicles. A recent update to the Law (section 11-907.5) applies to any vehicle that is disabled on the side of the highway with its warning lights engaged.

What are the Move Over Law Requirements?

Move Over Law mandates that drivers slow down and exercise caution while approaching an emergency vehicle that has its lights on. A vehicle that satisfies the requirements of the Illinois Vehicle Code (section 12-215) to have oscillating, spinning, or flashing lights when its owner or operator is performing official duties qualifies as an authorized emergency vehicle. This includes snowplows, emergency vehicles, and vehicles owned by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

You ought to reduce speed and be aware of your surroundings. If there is another lane proceeding in the same direction to your left, you must switch to the left lane.  Typical instances include when the police pull over on the side of the road to assist a disabled car when a fire truck or ambulance stops to provide emergency aid to a driver, and so on.

Move Over Law Fine: Penalties for Non-Compliance 

Should you violate the move over law, your driver's license might be permanently marked, raising your insurance costs and possibly causing other problems down the road. The following penalties involve the following: 

  • First time offense amounts to a $250 obligatory minimum fine and a $10,000 maximum penalty. 
  • The minimum required fine for a second time violation is $750, and the maximum fine is $10,000. You will also be expected to pay a $250 fee for the move over fine in addition to the court costs.
  • When someone else's property is damaged due to a failure to yield, it is considered a Class A misdemeanor and carries a maximum sentence of 364 days in jail, a move over law fine of $2,500, and a 90-day to one-year license suspension.

There are situations in which breaking Scott's Law may result in criminal prosecution. A penalty for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle may result from a refusal to slow down for an incoming emergency vehicle. 

Our Legal Help for Scott's Law Violations

You need legal representation if you receive a ticket for breaking Scott's law. Just doing it alone would be too risky, given the severe consequences that await a conviction. Kuchinski Law Group's aim as attorneys is to respond to your inquiries and recommend the best course of action for your case. 

With years of experience, Sergei Kuchinski represents clients in traffic violation defense cases. Schedule a consultation today by calling the office at (312) 765-7365 and receive qualified legal counsel ready to help make your traffic issues disappear. Contact us at any time, and we will keep your information in strict confidence.


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