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Moving Violations

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Moving Violations

Every Illinois motorist must drive safely and adhere to stipulated road rules. There are multiple moving violations, such as reckless driving, DUI, and texting when driving, among others. If you have been arrested or received a ticket for a moving violation, our lawyer, Sergei Kuchinski, can help you understand what the next steps to take are.

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Defense of Traffic Violations in Illinois

When possible, an experienced Chicago traffic ticket lawyer like Sergei Kuchinski can help you negotiate for your charges to be dismissed or minimized. With a lawyer, you may avoid high penalties and fines, avoid losing your license and reinstate your driving privileges. If you are arrested for a traffic violation, ensure that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible for improved chances of a better outcome and, possibly, to avoid severe repercussions.

Offenses of Traffic Violations

Traffic violations result when motorists disregard road rules. You can face criminal charges if the traffic violation is trivial and result in property destruction, injury, or fatality. Felony traffic violations can result in harsh penalties and time in jail. You can face prison time of 1-30 years, depending on the class of the felony. Some of the criminal offenses of traffic violations include:

  • Vehicular homicide
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Aggravated DUI or a subsequent DUI charge
  • Attempting to flee from a police officer
  • Escaping or evading from a scene of an accident

Illinois Traffic Violation Penalties

The Illinois system has a unique strategy and uses a particular point system for traffic violations. You can be issued points depending on the nature of the traffic violation. You can get a ticket in your mail for a traffic violation detected by virtual cameras in Illinois City. The violations are administrative violations, and you will not face points on the driving record. However, they tend to be very costly. You can also receive a ticket email for any traffic violation. 

There are traffic violations that necessitate a court appearance and others that can be solved without the court. If you have several points on your driving record, your driving license may be revoked or suspended. For instance, when you accumulate up to 3 traffic convictions in 12 months, the state may decide to suspend or revoke your driver's license. 

Contact a Chicago Traffic Ticket Attorney

Our team provides various legal services to protect your driver's privileges and license. Our traffic violation lawyer may help you negotiate a better deal and avoid jail time. We have a good understanding of traffic laws and will help all our clients set up a solid defense. As soon as you are arrested, please schedule a consultation with our lawyer at the Kuchinski Law Group, and let’s start working on your defense. 


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  • I couldn't be any happier with Sergei Kuchinski. Sergei is nothing short of amazing. He is professional, understanding, and emphatic. He really take your case with extreme care. He goes through every detail and consistently keep you in the loop of every step and know of what to come next, and give you the best advice on what to do. I highly recommend him.

    Vasyl Churilov
  • Highly recommended!  Communicated well and answered all my questions.

    Also had a great outcome!

  • Very professional group of individuals, was always able to get in touch with someone to work out whatever problems or questions that I had towards my Court case, I didnt felt as if I was just paying money to someone that didn’t care and that’s a plus for me ,  Thank you Sergei 🙏

    Classic Vbyz Production
  • If you got in troubles, Mr. Kuchinski will take care of your problems. Very professional, great lawyer. Highly recommended!

    Gediminas Grasys
  • Not a lawyer but a miracle worker 10/10

    Simon Sehter

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