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Criminal Sexual Abuse

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Criminal Sexual Abuse

According to the Illinois general assembly, a person commits criminal sexual abuse if he/she: undertakes an act of any offensive behavior by using force or threat; or engages in sexual activity while being aware that the victim lacks the capacity to appreciate the act's nature or provide consent.

The act involves any willful touching or fondling of a person's sex organs, anus, or breast by another person, directly or through clothing, or any part of a child under the age of 13, as well as the transfer or transmission of semen onto any part of the victim's clothe or uncovered body for sexual gratification or arousal.

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Criminal sexual violence is a serious offense defined as non-consensual acts committed against an individual. Rape, assault, abuse, and other crimes fall under this category. Criminal sexual abuse is the general phrase used to describe these crimes in Illinois, and conviction can result in serious penalties. 

It's important to get legal counsel from a qualified sex crimes attorney if you or a loved one has been charged with criminal sexual abuse in Illinois. We at Kuchinski Law Group are aware of the delicate nature and complexity of these situations, and we have the skills and means necessary to defend our clients effectively. 

We comprehend the damage that false allegations and wrongful convictions can cause to the accused and their families. We work nonstop in order to look into and refute the evidence used against our client. 

Types of Criminal Sexual Abuse 

Sexual offenses are one of the most severe acts a person can commit. The following are some examples of this abuse in Illinois:

  • Assaults using force or threatening to use force without the other person's consent. 
  • Rape by penetration without the victim's consent.
  • Exploiting another person for sexual purposes, sometimes involving weaker people, children, or people with impairments.
  • Harassment that turns a place of work into a hostile or scary atmosphere. This behavior might be unwanted touching, sexual approaches, or comments.

Illinois Sexual Abuse Laws

Sexual assault is a severe offense in Illinois, and those found guilty face harsh punishment. The state's sexual abuse laws are thorough and in-depth, defining the different types and the associated legal repercussions.

Illinois has several potential punishments for these crimes, including jail time, fines, the requirement to register as a sex offender, and even the permanent loss of some rights. A guilty verdict might result in anything from six months to life in prison, depending on the specifics of the case.

The Kuchinski Law Group focuses on defending persons accused of sexual abuse and offers legal assistance to ensure a fair trial and favorable results. We are committed to providing compassionate and tenacious representation for those who need it most. 

Defense Against Criminal Sexual Abuse Charges

An alleged sexual offender should consult a lawyer with experience in defending clients against such allegations so they can thoroughly evaluate the facts of the case.

It's crucial that you work with an attorney who will fight for your rights and build a strong defense on your behalf. Your defense strategy will depend on the specific circumstances of your case, but your lawyer may use tactics such as challenging the evidence against you or arguing that you didn't have the intent to commit a crime. Or say that the accused thought the victim was older than 18 and that no force was used. Proof of the victim's permission is one possible sexual assault defense.

If you are accused of committing such crimes in Illinois, it is imperative that you obtain the legal counsel of an experienced sexual abuse criminal defense lawyer. At Kuchinski Law Group, our attorneys are prepared to assist you in defending against these allegations and preserve your legal rights.


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