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DUI Arrest

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DUI Arrest Process in Chicago

After a DUI arrest in Chicago, and Illinois in general, you might not know what to expect in the coming days.  Some consequences you should have in mind are suspension of your license, skyrocketing of your insurance rates, or some time in jail.  The good news is that our DUI lawyer, Sergei Kuchinski can offer legal representation and assist in negotiating a favorable plea with the judges.

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What to Expect After a Drunk Driving Arrest

After an arrest, the police will put you in the squad car and escort you to jail.  You might be asked to submit to a chemical testing.  You can also be required to post a bond; in some circumstances, the police might decide to seize your vehicle.  If you refuse to comply to a chemical test, your license will be suspended automatically. 

If it is your first DUI offense, your license can be suspended for a minimum of 6 months-up for year.  You may lose all driving privileges for three years for a repeat offense. Ensure you hire a lawyer who can plead your case. 

DUI Arraignment Hearing Process

The arraignment is the first court date and plays a vital role in fighting your charges.  In most cases, you will be arraigned in court within 30-60 days after the DUI arrest in Chicago and Illinois, in general.  The ticket you receive indicates the courtroom and court address. 

Before the court hearing, you will receive official papers indicating your formal charges.  You will also receive Law Enforcement Sworn Report and the results of the chemical tests.  Before appearing in court, you need to inform the court about your lawyer. 

The arraignment hearing process involves the court entering your plea.  You will require the assistance of a DUI lawyer before making any plea.  The judge will also set specific conditions for your release.  The requirements are highly based on whether you pose a threat to the other community members.  They will also consider whether you pose any flight risk.

During the arraignment, you will be requested to plead guilty or not guilty.  An attorney reviews your case and gives legal advice to help you make a plea.  The lawyer can help to build a defense for the DUI case in Chicago.

Legal Help with Drunk Driving Charges

Our DUI attorney is very familiar with various DUI terms and conditions and will help you build a good defense.  It is important to note even a first-time offender can face harsh consequences if they don’t have a legal team working on their case.  A DUI will appear on your record even if you don't face jail time and can compromise your chance of securing future jobs.  It is essential to have a lawyer to help fight for your rights.  We will work relentlessly on your case to help you avoid harsh punishments such as revoking your driver's license.  Ensure you contact us today and get a much better chance of reduction of your DUI penalties. 

Our lead lawyer, Sergei Kuchinski Esq. is transparent and very thorough in explaining every step of the process, he will walk with you from the initial Illinois DUI arrest to the final outcome.  We help all our clients understand the law and be well-informed before taking any plea.  Work with a professional team that cares about your needs. 


 Call or text our lawyer at (312) 765-7365 and let’s start to work on protecting your future. 


What Our Clients Say

  • I couldn't be any happier with Sergei Kuchinski. Sergei is nothing short of amazing. He is professional, understanding, and emphatic. He really take your case with extreme care. He goes through every detail and consistently keep you in the loop of every step and know of what to come next, and give you the best advice on what to do. I highly recommend him.

    Vasyl Churilov
  • Highly recommended!  Communicated well and answered all my questions.

    Also had a great outcome!

  • Very professional group of individuals, was always able to get in touch with someone to work out whatever problems or questions that I had towards my Court case, I didnt felt as if I was just paying money to someone that didn’t care and that’s a plus for me ,  Thank you Sergei 🙏

    Classic Vbyz Production
  • If you got in troubles, Mr. Kuchinski will take care of your problems. Very professional, great lawyer. Highly recommended!

    Gediminas Grasys
  • Not a lawyer but a miracle worker 10/10

    Simon Sehter

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