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About Us

Story About Our Firm

Our History

Sergei Kuchinski is the trilingual founder of Kuchinski Law Group, LLC. Prior to founding the firm, he served as a sworn Police Officer in the State of Illinois preventing and investigating criminal activity. During his time on the force, Sergei Kuchinski received numerous awards, honors, as well as specialized training through the State and Federal Agencies. Sergei A. Kuchinski is a State of Illinois Certified Criminal Investigator, Death Investigator, Criminal Interviewer and Interrogator, and Federal Bureau of Investigation Certified Statement Analyst.

Upon graduating from law school and obtaining his Juris Doctor as well as Master of Laws in International Business and Trade Law degrees, he was offered a position as a State Prosecutor which he accepted without hesitation. During his time with the Office, Sergei Kuchinski worked primarily in the Criminal Prosecutions Bureau, handling thousands of cases and bringing hundreds of them to trial.

Sergei Kuchinski is well versed in the traffic and DUI law as he served as the lead prosecutor for the two districts of the Illinois State Police in the Third District of Cook County. Having successfully handled hundreds of motions and trials, Sergei Kuchinski understands the law, the court system, and implements trial strategies that have proven to be effective time and time again.

With over 10 years of experience in jurisprudence, Sergei A. Kuchinski - lead attorney at the Kuchinski Law Group, is committed to the provision of high-quality legal services and professional assistance in a vast range of criminal law, traffic or DUI issues. He works ceaselessly to ensure that each case is settled rationally by studying each issue in detail and approaching it individually to help every client get the best possible outcome. 

Being fluent in English, Russian, and Estonian, Sergei A. Kuchinski communicates well and identifies freely with any group of people thanks to his diverse and well-traveled background. Contact Kuchinski Law Group today to speak to our founder regarding your criminal case, traffic law, DUI, or any other legal matter.

About Us


During a legal dispute, the winning party is always the one with the best arguments and not necessarily the one that is on the right. In such a case, you need the best law firm in Chicago on your side to ensure that only valid arguments are brought forward in your defense. We are a law firm in Illinois dedicated to providing professional advice and competent legal assistance during criminal cases, traffic violations, DUI, as well as administrative cases and simple disputes. Our lead attorney, Sergei A. Kuchinski, is a first-rate lawyer who works in accordance with international legal ethics standards. He is well versed with the American legal system and competent enough to handle even the most complex legal matters when it comes to criminal, traffic law, or DUI. What’s more, Kuchinski


takes pride in his excellent record is an expeditious worker and conducts all his businesses openly. Evidently, his expertise and legal know-how go a long way in making Kuchinski Law Group one of the best law firms in Illinois. We offer an extensive range of legal services including drafting of legal documentation, consultation, and representation at the court of law. We are a reputable law firm in Illinois and you can count on us for proper legal representation. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients receive the best possible legal assistance in a bid to reach a favorable resolution to your legal predicaments while protecting your rights as well as those of your family, business, and safeguarding your money!



To become a reliable support system for our clients by resolving even the most challenging legal predicaments for a positive outcome.


Providing first class legal services, by means of an individual approach to each case, with the sole aim of protecting our clients’ interests and exceeding their expectations.


• Customer focus • Fair pricing policy • Protection of human rights

Our Strengths

Why Clients Choose Us?

With a 95% success rate, Sergei Kuchinski stands out as a distinguished lawyer reputed for his exemplary service. He is vastly experienced in matters pertaining to the rule of law and a vocal advocate for his clients’ rights. Kuchinski’s abilities as an attorney are further strengthened by his time in service as a police officer as well as a prosecutor. In 2024, Kuchinski Law Group achieved a significant milestone by securing an esteemed position on the Forbes Advisor list of the Best DUI Lawyers in Chicago.

When faced with the need for surgery, you carefully select the best doctor for the job. Similarly, opt for the finest lawyer in Chicago downtown when seeking legal representation. Handling a spectrum of cases from traffic violations to weightier criminal charges, as well as cases involving personal injury and medical malpractice, the firm consistently demonstrates its effectiveness in delivering top-tier legal advice and representation. Choose Kuchinski Law Group, where dedication meets unparalleled legal expertise.