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Gun Crimes Lawyer

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Gun Crimes Lawyer

The Kuchinski Law Group can assist you in defending your rights if you are accused of committing a crime with a firearm in Illinois. Our gun crimes lawyer Chicago has a track record of successful gun crime cases and can handle the intricate legal difficulties involved.


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Protect Your Gun Rights 

Given the tension between the current clamor for gun control and the Second Amendment, gun crimes are being examined more closely. The monitoring has resulted in stricter policing and punishments for offenses involving firearms. 

We at the Kuchinski Law Group know Illinois's firearm laws and how state prosecutors handle these cases. We will guide you through Illinois gun charges and other firearm-related matters thanks to many years of combined experience in these cases. We are the best choice when you search for a gun lawyer near me.

Gun Crime Charges in Illinois

In Illinois, convictions for gun-related crimes can result in harsh punishments, especially if the accused has a criminal history or the weapons charge is combined with another crime, like a home invasion, robbery, or narcotics offense. The accusations frequently result in obligatory prison terms, as well as significant fines of up to $2,500, community service requirements, and a permanent dent on a person's record.

The following are categories of offenders who use firearms:

  • Gang members: Gangsters frequently engage in gun violence and may possess weapons for personal defense or criminal activity.
  • Domestic violence Offenders: Criminals who commit domestic violence may use guns to threaten or physically attack their spouses or family members.
  • Drug dealers: Drug traffickers may carry weapons to scare clients or defend themselves from rivals.
  • Previously convicted Felons: In Illinois, it is against the law for anyone with prior felony convictions to acquire weapons.
  • People with mental illnesses: While not all mentally ill people are violent, they are more likely to engage in gun violence.

Others carry firearms for legal reasons, such as self-defense or hunting. However, even these people could be dangerous if they lack the necessary training or have a violent past.

Penalties for Gun Crimes in Illinois

Depending on how severe the offense was, different punishments apply for these offenses in Illinois. Some of the most prevalent gun crimes include:

Aggravated illegal use of a weapon: First offense is classified class 4 felony with one to four years in prison. They may be eligible for probation or a deferred prosecution leading to dismissal.

Use of a weapon unlawfully: This is a Class 2 felony punishable by three to seven years in jail.

Weapons possession by a felon: A class 3 felony of two to ten years in jail for a first offense. Repeat offenders, or those who commit a serious crime (assault, robbery, etc.) on their first offense, face a class 2 felony punishment of three to fourteen years in jail.

Defending Against Gun Crime Charges in Illinois

The Kuchinski Law gun crimes lawyer Chicago can assist you in developing a defense if you have been accused of committing a gun offense. We will thoroughly review the case's facts before mounting a defense against the allegations. Our attorneys will examine the police reports, speak with witnesses, and collect any more accessible evidence. We will create a defense plan that is suited to the particular circumstances once we have a thorough understanding of the case.

Our lawyers could contest the legality of the search or seizure that produced the alleged crime weapon. We can contend that the accused lacked the intent to use the gun illegally. In certain circumstances, we will be able to work out a plea agreement with the prosecutor that results in a reduced charge or less punishment.

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