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Red Light Traffic Tickets

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Red Light Traffic Tickets

Illinois has set up several red light cameras that monitor the movement of motorists along the street lights. Any wrong move around the traffic lights can get you in real trouble. A traffic officer will issue a red light ticket if you disobey the stipulated rules.

If you receive such a notice, you need a red light traffic ticket lawyer, such as Sergei Kuchinski, who will offer professional legal representation.  Our attorney understands how to handle your case and increase chances of a better outcome.

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Disobey Red Light

Illinois law states that all motorists must stop at the marked stop line any moment the spotlight is on. You can stop just before the intersection or enter the crosswalk for areas without marked stop lines. 

If you fail to make a stop, your movement is detected by the cameras. Once you are issued a ticket by law enforcement, don't fight the case alone. It would be best to have a red light traffic lawyer in Chicago who understands how to fight traffic citations and advocate for lower penalties and charges. 

How much is a Red Light Ticket in Chicago?

Failing to stop at the stoplight is a petty offense classified as a moving violation. Any motorists found guilty of this offense will incur fines of up to $1,000. Additionally, you will also incur court assessments and costs. If convicted, you will face negative consequences on your driving privileges, public record, and insurance rates. Before agreeing to pay for the ticket, contact our attorney for assistance. With professional legal advice, you can have a better outcome after issuance with a red light traffic citation. 

Penalties for Failure to Stop At an Amber Light Ticket

When a yellow light is on, it indicates the spotlight will display soon. A motorist can legally enter the intersection when the yellow light is on. You will only be charged if you enter the intersection when the yellow light changes to red. 

Illinois classifies failure to stop at an amber light as a petty offense and is punishable by fines up to $1,000. If an accident occurs due to failure to stop at the yellow light, the court will charge you additional penalties. Once you are issued with a traffic citation, don't be quick to pay for it before consulting an attorney. Any mistakes when handling traffic citations can affect your public record. 

Contact our qualified lawyer, who will help you build a strong defense and maximize your chances of incurring lesser penalties. 

How to Fight a Red Light Ticket?

When issued a red traffic citation, you are given limited time where you can choose to pay or contest it. A qualified lawyer can help you understand your options and help you select an alternative that offers the best outcome. Our attorney will fight for your rights, pushing for fewer penalties and charges. 


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