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Equipment Violations lawyer in Illinois by Kuchinski Law Group

Equipment violation is one of the three categories of non-moving traffic offenses. It is a defilement of a statute, ordinance, or rule pertaining to traffic movement and control that involves equipment, cars, or their drivers, owners, or pedestrians. The ticket alleging these offenses may be attached to the parked car if it is found to violate traffic laws. 

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Equipment violation and legal help in Illinois

Equipment violation examples like defective brake lights or a missing license plate may warrant an officer to pull over a vehicle. If an officer stops a driver for an equipment violation and has a good basis to suspect that the driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol, the officer may proceed with a DUI inquiry. The policeman will talk to the driver and probably inquire about the equipment violation that was seen. Stopping suspected offenders has to do with traffic safety because poorly maintained or fitted cars might be dangerous, and as such, violating the equipment on a vehicle is serious business.

If you want to contest a ticket, pay attention to your car's upkeep, be aware of your rights, and speak with  Kuchinski Law Group, a Chicago traffic equipment offense lawyer. Illinois equipment stops can be handled easily by expert legal aid.

Penalties for Violations of Equipment

In Illinois, the majority of traffic infractions result in severe consequences, such as fines, court fees, license point additions, and, in certain cases, even criminal charges. A conviction for an equipment violation will appear on your driver's record, potentially raising your insurance costs significantly and resulting in license suspension. This violation can lead to certain penalties, which may include the following:

  1. Operating or activating any engine braking system that produces excessive noise is penalized by an equipment violation under the Illinois Vehicle Code, which carries a $75 fine.
  2. It shall not be deemed evidence of negligence when a person violates seat safety belt legislation by failing to wear a seat safety belt. Any breach will result in a maximum fine of $25.
  3. If found guilty of violating the VIDEO DEVICE equipment offense, the offender will pay a fine of not more than $100 for the first offense, $200 for a second offense within a year of the first conviction, and $250 for a third or subsequent offense within a year of two previous convictions. 
  4. It is a Class C misdemeanor in Illinois for someone to modify a vehicle's suspension system. A punishment of at least $500 will be imposed for a second conviction under this section. When an officer makes an arrest pursuant to this section, the driver is required to get the car off the road. The offender will get an order to comply with this section about his vehicle.

You have the right to refute the allegation regardless of whether you were cited for a serious or minor infringement. In Illinois, the only way to avoid harsh fines and save your future from a suspended license or criminal charges is to employ the service of a licensed traffic attorney.

Types of Equipment Violations

Equipment violation examples can be listed as a vehicle missing a front license plate, an expired safety check sticker, or an invalid registration sticker. These examples are further explained below: 

  • Expired license plate

After the Illinois Vehicle Code's specified license plate expiry date or the end of the registration period for which the plate was issued, no one is permitted to operate a vehicle or allow the operation of a vehicle that has an Illinois registration plate visible. Police officers may give you a warning if your license plate expires within the last 48 hours. Driving while displaying expired vehicle tags is regarded to have occurred if your license plate sticker is out of date.

An officer may issue a fix-it ticket, which merely calls for you to show your valid license at the police station or in court in order to have the charge dropped. 

  • Tinting Laws and Violations

According to Illinois law, car windows cannot have a tint deeper than 35% on passenger cars. However, vehicles with multiple uses have a legal percentage of window tint of 50. Penalties applied for illegal window tint less than 50%. Operating a vehicle with broken parts, such as tint front headlights, taillights/brake lights, turn signals/blinkers, is prohibited. Even though they are classified as primary violations, broken or missing lights are the only grounds for a police stop.

Our Legal Help with equipment violations

At the Kuchinki Law Group, we're committed to giving our clients the information they need to decide what's best for their particular circumstances and to make informed choices. If you have any questions about your specific violation, give us a call at (312) 765-7365


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