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When Should You Hire A Lawyer?

From creating business contracts, filing bankruptcy, negotiating a divorce, to completing property transactions and violating a traffic law, there are plenty of instances where the services of a lawyer become indispensable. Knowing when to seek legal advice can protect you from getting tangled up in a legal mess later down the road.

Advantages Of Law Firms

Law firms offer a broad range of legal coverage. They can advise clients about their legal rights and responsibilities, represent them in criminal or civil cases, oversee business or property transactions and even create a will.

According to experts, one of the critical predictors of a successful case is the client’s trust in the law firm. Today, the network helps clients in search of legal advice quickly connect with reputable and competent law firms. 

What To Know Before Hiring A Lawyer

The legal field is extremely broad and complex, and most lawyers specialize in specific areas of law, some being narrower than the other. The different types of lawyers include personal injury lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, criminal lawyers, corporate lawyers, immigration lawyers, family lawyers, and general practice lawyers.

A real estate lawyer can help you in buying and selling different types of properties, and also in handling disputes. They can also handle aspects of property ownership, declaration of new work, property records, work execution contracts, and more.

A criminal lawyer represents clients facing misdemeanor or felony charges. They can handle issues pertaining to the bail bond, plea bargains, probation, and more.

A family lawyer will help in cases of divorce, food pension, custody problems. They also handle issues around will and inheritance.

Family lawyers are prepared to reach a resolution through two methods— mutual agreement and contentious. The former is fast and economical, while the latter is more expensive and involves undertaking complex legal procedures.

The Labor Law, on the other hand, deals with claims, dismissals, labor procedures, ERE (Employment Regulation Files), and defense for labor inspections.

Traffic lawyers specialize in handling traffic violations such as parking tickets, running a red light, speeding or even more serious issues such as DUI. They can help you save time and money on fines by increasing your chances of winning your appeal. 

A DUI lawyer helps decrease the penalties faced by those charged with a DUI or DWI. They can challenge the charge based on specific aspects related to the blood test, testing procedures and breathalyzers.

The Civil Procedure Law handles cases pertaining to missing rent payments, express evictions, procedures, and rent collection claims in two ways— the ordinary procedure (which handles controversies before the termination of a contract), and the verbal procedure (faster and before a judge).

Law firms also offer advice to foreigners. Residence permits and obtaining citizenship are just a few types of cases they handle.

For businesses, a commercial lawyer can help with registering a business, preparing contracts, defending intellectual properties and more.

Regardless of your reason for a lawyer, make sure to conduct thorough research, consider all your options, and be honest with the professional who is finally hired. High transparency between the client and the lawyer can lead to a better resolution.