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If you’ve been looking for a Russian-speaking lawyer in Chicagoland, then contact the Kuchinski Law Group. Our founder, Sergei A. Kuchinski, is fluent in English, Estonian, and Russian; he is an excellent communicator and can help you will your case.

Here at the Kuchinski Law Group, we listen to our clients. We understand how confusing the legal process can be, and we genuinely want to help our clients through the process. We believe in open communication, and we will answer your legal questions and do what we can to help you resolve whatever legal issue you’re facing.

Sergei A. Kuchinski has been in law enforcement since 2009, and he worked as a State Prosecutor since 2014. He has since opened his own practice and is now the Managing Partner at Kuchinski Law Group. Sergei A. Kuchinski has the experience you can rely on.

Before going to law school, Sergei A. Kuchinski worked as a Police Officer in the state of Illinois. He is still a certified criminal investigator in the state of Illinois, and he has received specialized training from federal agencies. His work has taught him a lot about the court system and the law.

Our Legal Expertise

The Kuchinski Law Group has worked on a variety of cases. We focus on various areas of the law, including:

  • Criminal law
  • Family law
  • Traffic and DUI law
  • Immigration law
  • International trade and business law
  • Expungements 

Regardless of your legal issue, a lawyer from our firm can help.

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Regardless of your native language, legal proceedings can be scary and difficult to understand. If you want a legal representative that will listen to and understand you, then contact Kuchinski Law Group. We will fight for your rights.

Give our firm a call at (312) 765-7365 or fill out our contact form for help with almost any legal issue, from traffic violations to felony charges. You could also come visit us at our convenient locations in Chicago or Park Ridge, IL. Set up your free initial consultation today.